About Us


Autism-Visuals.com was founded by Matthew & Rachele Brownfield, who have an Autistic son, Jeremiah. Jeremiah was diagnosed days before his 3rd Birthday.  This led the Brownfield’s on a journey to find the Resources, the tools, and the encouragement they needed to help their son!  Prior to utilizing Visual-Aids with the PECS system–Jeremiah was completely Non-Verbal; He is now testing at Grade Level!

After attending Autism Conferences as well as Autism Parent Education classes, PECS Training and Classes, and TEACCH Training and Classes, a tremendous need for these Resources was realized, and a centralized location for Parents, Educators, and others in the Community to find them was needed!

This gave birth to Autism-Visuals!  We connected with the SETBC Pictures out of British Columbia while we are diligently working to get the App platform launched!  It has been an incredible Journey, but we believe we’ve designed an App that will Grow with your child!

We hope that iVisuals App will allow parents, caregivers, educators, and anyone who works with our children with Autism to assist them even more in learning to communicate and assisting them with everyday activities!